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New data reveals LA, San Francisco and San Diego in top ten most ‘Instagrammable’ cities in America

New data reveals LA, San Francisco and San Diego in top ten most ‘Instagrammable’ cities in America

LA, San Francisco and San Diego make the top ten most picturesque cities in America, according to new study

  • New data has crowned Los Angeles the second most beautiful city in the US, according to Instagram posts. 
  • San Francisco took fifth place, with over 45.9 million posts, and San Diego came in seventh place, with over 39.5 million posts. 
  • The research analyzed over 895 million Instagram posts using location-specific hashtags.  

New data has revealed the most picturesque American cities to live in, with three Californian cities making the top ten.

Luxury realtors at RubyHome Northwest analyzed over 895 million Instagram posts featuring location-specific hashtags for the 25 most populated cities in the United States. These were then ranked to determine which cities are the most popular on Instagram.

New York City tops the list as the most ‘Instagrammable’ city, with an impressive 183.9 million posts. The most populated city in the country and arguably the most famous city in the world, The City That Never Sleeps is a cultural icon. From the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to the Empire State Building, the Big Apple has some of the world’s most notable and visited attractions, which brought a staggering 61.8 million travelers to the city last year. The two most popular hashtags are #nyc and #newyorkcity, which have been used over 145.3 million times and over 35.9 million times, respectively.

Taking second place is Los Angeles, with over 141.3 million Instagram posts; the city’s most used hashtags are #losangeles, with over 83.8 million posts, and #la, with over 56.8 million posts. One of the biggest jewels in California’s crown is this star-studded city. LA is home to the renowned Hollywood Sign which signals the city’s status as the nation’s film and television industry hub. Near the celebrated sign are the Hollywood Walk of Fame and stores selling maps showing the route to stars’ homes. Last year the city welcomed approximately 50 million visitors.

Next in the rankings is Chicago, in third place, with over 60.2 million posts. Famed for its impressive architecture, the city resides on the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois and is the most populous city in the Prairie State. As well as being known for its skyscraper-lined skyline, the Windy City is also famous for being the home of the beloved fictional star of the Home Alone franchise, Kevin McCallister. Fans of the city have posted with the hashtag #chicago, over 55.9 million times, and the hashtag #chi, over 3.8 million times.

RankCityTotal Instagram Hashtags
1New York183,869,262
2Los Angeles141,271,982
4Las Vegas54,038,732
5San Francisco45,895,134
6Washington D.C.45,470,821
7San Diego39,451,127

Las Vegas, the one and only Sin City,ranks fourth overall, with over 54.0 million posts. Another cultural icon of the nation, Vegas is known for its bachelor and bachelorette parties, quick and often Elvis-officiated marriages, glamorous casinos, and fun nightlife. On the outskirts of the neon-lit ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ are the Mojave Desert and Red Rock Canyon for any outdoor enthusiasts.

Taking the fifth spot is San Francisco, with over 45.9 million posts. The city is home to one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge. Offshore from the city is a small but infamous island, Alcatraz Island. Also known as ‘The Rock,’ Alcatraz Island accommodated the federal prison, which housed notorious inmates, including Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. Today, Alcatraz is a popular tourist destination, offering guided tours that provide insight into its fascinating history.

Sixth place goes to Washington D.C., which has been tagged in over 45.5 million posts to date. The capital of the United States is the political center of the country and home to numerous government institutions such as the White House, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Supreme Court of the United States. The historic city is also known for its beautiful cherry blossom trees. The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the blooming of these iconic trees, which were a gift from Japan in 1912.

In the seventh spot is San Diego, with hashtags for the city appearing in over 39.5 million posts. Known by some as the ‘Birthplace of California’, San Diego is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the States, with over 70 miles of coastline offering a variety of sandy shores, rocky cliffs, and picturesque coves. The city is also home to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, known for its extensive collection of animals, innovative exhibits, and conservation efforts.

Seattle takes eighth place, with the city being tagged in over 37.6 million posts. Some might know Seattle for being the home of the eccentric but lovable fictional psychiatrist, Dr Frasier Crane from the hit show, Frasier. The show depicted the famous Seattle skyline and landmark, the Space Needle, in its opening credits. The Emerald City has a thriving coffee culture and is the birthplace of Starbucks and grunge band, Nirvana.

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Seizing the penultimate place in the rankings is Austin,withover 34.0 million posts. The quirky capital of Texas has a vibrant live music scene which has earned it the nickname ‘Live Music Capital of the World’. The city is also known for being the home of one of the largest universities in the country, the University of Texas, and for its urban bat population. Austin prides itself on its unique culture, often summed up by the slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” The city embraces individuality, creativity, and diversity, fostering a laid-back and inclusive atmosphere that sets it apart from other cities.

Concluding the list, Houston isin tenth place, with over 33.9 million posts. Another icon of the Lone Star State, this city is best known for housing NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where astronauts are trained and missions are controlled. The Space Center Houston offers interactive exhibits, astronaut training experiences, and tours of the historic Mission Control Center, making it a popular destination for space enthusiasts. ‘Space City’ is also home to several professional sports teams, including the Houston Texans, and to many energy companies, including oil and gas giants ExxonMobil and Shell.

A spokesperson for RubyHome Northwest commented on the findings:

“The ranking shows how these cities have all become cultural icons on the world map. Their significance is due in part to the well-known and loved landmarks they are home to, with the Golden Gate Bridge and The Empire State Building being two of the most popular, generating over 3 million hashtags each.”

“However, each city’s global importance is also down to the people that have inhabited these cities in the past and the people who live and work in them now; this has made these cities the thriving hubs that they are today.”

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